U.S. can Lead in Quantum Science


The U.S. Department of Energy’s Quantum Internet Blueprint is a key part of the United States’ commitment to leading the world in quantum information sciences and the lasted milestone in implementing the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee’s National Quantum Initiative Act.

That legislation, signed into law in 2018, is designed to accelerate the development of quantum computing and technologies.

And as other nations develop quantum technologies, America risks falling behind. The National Quantum Initiative Act establishes a strategic 10-year federal program to advance quantum science development and technology applications in the United States.

Optical table demonstrating the principles of quantum teleportation in the Awschalom Lab at the University of Chicago. (Image: Argonne National Laboratory)

The DOE’s Quantum Internet Blueprint will eventually combine all 17 National Labs into a processing network that will allow for unprecedented speed and connectivity. America’s quantum leadership will be the backbone of cybersecurity, economic prosperity, and untold scientific discoveries. With the introduction of DOE’s Quantum Internet Blueprint, America is striding towards achieving the goal of the legislation — to lead the world in quantum research and application.

Quantum science exploits certain principles of quantum physics, such as the ability of subatomic particles to exist in multiple states simultaneously, for valuable, real-world applications. Scientists believe quantum phenomena will enable future quantum computers to perform complex calculations at speeds that are potentially millions of times faster than today’s most advanced supercomputers. Applications of this technology will have a profound impact on communication security, navigation, imaging, and many other technologies that are not otherwise possible with conventional systems.

Researchers at American institutions are already making headway. The progress made on the back of the National Quantum Initiative Act is proof that with the right resources, infrastructure, and commitment, the U.S. can lead the way the next generation of scientific discovery.



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